28 juni 2024
80's & 90's Pub Quiz

Get Ready to Relive the 80's & 90's at Haley's Comet Breakfast Club!

Join us for a nostalgic night of fun and excitement at Mr. Bright's Quiz Night! Whether you’re a fan of neon, big hair, and classic tunes or you just want to test your knowledge of the greatest decades, this is the event for you!

What to Expect:
* Thrilling trivia rounds featuring 80's and 90's music, movies, TV shows, and pop culture
* Awesome prizes for the winning team
* Fun photo ops and a chance to dress up in your retro best

Tag your friends, form your dream team, and come prepared for a trip down memory lane. Don’t miss out on the ultimate quiz night experience on June 28th at 8pm Haley's Comet. 

Tickets: https://pubquiztickets.nl/